Bring Back Danger!

Bring Back Danger!

Is your tabletop RPG campaign boring? Are your players' eyes glazing over while you read boxed text? Are they looking at their phones? Are they opening other browser windows?

It's time to bring danger back to Roleplaying Games! And not with overpowered NPCs or the risk of character death. We're talking about actual, physical danger for the people at the table!

With our ridiculously over-sized Titan D20, every dice roll becomes a risk. And not just a risk of rolling low and failing your check. When you huck a Titan onto the table, anything could happen--spilled drinks, dented tables, even actual physical harm!

So pick up a Titan, and bring Danger back to your game!

*The Dice King accepts no responsibility for physical damage caused by our Titan D20 die.

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