I first encountered roleplaying games as a preteen during the 1980s, when my older brother bought a copy of the original AD&D Players Handbook at a yard sale down the street from our house.  It was a battered copy--the cover image scratched and faded, some of the interior pages stained and crusted with dried oatmeal--but it planted a seed that grew into an enduring interest.  I've been happily rolling funny little dice ever since.

And speaking of dice, those oddly shaped little hunks of plastic have come a long way in the past 30+ years.  In the early days of my gaming, RPG dice were tiny, soft, and plain.  You filled in the numbers with a white crayon, then polished the excess wax away.  Now dice are true objects of beauty, and they come in an infinite variety of shades and styles.

After years of ogling the available dice sets, and dreaming up my own designs, I decided to throw my hat in the ring.  Taking a page from Emperor Norton--one of my favorite historical figures--I've declared myself the Dice King, and opened up this store.

Welcome to my kingdom!