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Dwarven Stone

Dwarven Stone

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A stubborn, often taciturn race, dwarves aren't known for flowery or poetic speech.  That's not to say they don't appreciate beauty, but for a dwarf the best poetry isn't made with words--it's made with metal or stone.

Dwarves are master artisans.  They work wonders with rocks and gems, and dwarven stonecraft is unsurpassed by any other race.  Perhaps this affinity springs from a recognition of shared virtues.  Like stone, dwarves are enduring, resilient, and hard.

Dwarven Stone is a 7-piece polyhedral dice set that's perfect for use in tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.  The dice are an attractive blend of black and white.  Numbers are painted in gold.  The visual effect is reminiscent of fine marble carved to reveal a seam of gold inside.

The quantities and sizes are as follows:

-1 d4 (16mm)

-1 d6 (16mm)

-1 d8 (16mm)

-1 d10 (16mm)

-1 d00 (16mm)

-1 d12 (18mm)

-1 d20 (20mm)

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