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Paladin's Steel

Paladin's Steel

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Paladins are the soldiers of the Gods.  Imbued with divine might, they use their power to heal, to purify, and to punish.  Faith is their strength, and justice their mission.  Their actions are driven by their holy cause, and their will is a strong as steel.

Paladin's Steel is a 7-piece polyhedral dice set perfect for use in tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.  The dice are a blend of pearlescent blue and grey, with white-painted letters.  The quantities and sizes are as follows:

-1 d4 (16mm)

-1 d6 (16mm)

-1 d8 (16mm)

-1 d10 (16mm)

-1 d00 (16mm)

-1 d12 (18mm)

-1 d20 (20mm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gary Terhune
Great quality, Good color

They are dice. They do what they are supposed to and did not shatter with first use. Love the color and highlights of the numbers. Easy to see on gaming table.

The only thing I suggest as an improvement is to make sets available with 4 six-sided dice for character generation. Or make the Six-sided dice available separately in sets of 4.

Jared Manninen
Paladin's Steel strikes true!

Another beautiful set of dice with easy-to-read numbers thanks to the contrast between the blue marble color and white text. A very nice addition to my collection :)