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Assassin's Blade

Assassin's Blade

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In the black of night, the shadows come alive.  An assassin prowls in silence, wearing the darkness like a cloak.  He closes on his prey with the swiftness of sudden death.  If the victim sees anything at all, it's only the razor-sharp edge of the blade, gleaming white.  And then darkness, forever.

Assassin's Blade is a 7-piece polyhedral dice set perfect for use in tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.  The dice are pearlescent black with silver highlights and white-painted numbers.  The quantities and sizes are as follows:

-1 d4 (16mm)

-1 d6 (16mm)

-1 d8 (16mm)

-1 d10 (16mm)

-1 d00 (16mm)

-1 d12 (18mm)

-1 d20 (20mm)

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