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Ranger's Cloak

Ranger's Cloak

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The color of the Ranger's Cloak shimmered and shifted, like shadows moving over dark green leaves.  Its pattern and hue couldn't be fixed in the mind.  And when the man pulled the cloak over his shoulders and raised its hood, he seemed to disappear into the forest.  Hidden in plain sight.

Ranger's Cloak is a 7-piece polyhedral dice set perfect for use in tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.  The dice are shimmering green with darker segments and gold-painted numbers.  The quantities and sizes are as follows:

-1 d4 (16mm)

-1 d6 (16mm)

-1 d8 (16mm)

-1 d10 (16mm)

-1 d00 (16mm)

-1 d12 (18mm)

-1 d20 (20mm)

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Customer Reviews

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Lukas Creech
Beautiful Dice.

Smooth, clean, and beautiful work on each dice. Couldn't ask for more.


Better than the photos. Love them. Perfect color.